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Promoting macadamia consumption to create

Global demand

At the World Macadamia Organisation, we’re here to build the love of macadamias. Through raising the profile of macadamias, the WMO aims to help food manufacturers and consumers access relevant information about this exceptional snack and ingredient. With well-researched nutritional resources, product information, and up-to-date supply data, you can learn about the opportunities and benefits of including macadamias in your products.

For the love of macadamias

The majority of macadamia growing regions across the globe have come together to stimulate macadamia demand through the WMO.

Currently, the WMO represents 6 macadamia-growing countries, working collaboratively to benefit the industry, its customers, and consumers.

The WMO was established as an independent, not-for-profit, international body.

The WMO created a summary of 99 scientific reports that researched the nutritional benefits of macadamias.

Supply is forecast to increase from 298,914T in 2022 to 503,425T in 2027, a compound annual growth rate of 11%. (nut-in-shell @ 3.5% moisture).


Creating more macadamia consumption moments

The WMO is positioned as a demand generation agency, with three key focus areas. Through the Love Macadamia campaigns in the USA, India and China, the WMO builds awareness, nutritional understanding, and behavioural shifts.


Increasing frequency of purchase of macadamias with the core target and having them buy and consume macadamias more often, lifting household penetration. Encourage food manufacturers to formulate macadamias into their products, particularly as overall supply increases and the volume of smaller ingredient styles also increases (as they are a by-product of producing wholes and halves).

An exciting emerging market is in India. Currently, overall nut consumption is already strong, but macadamias have a very limited presence. Our focus is to increase market demand by building trade, health professional and consumer awareness about macadamia consumption occasions.

Growing frequency of consumption in China by encouraging consumers who are already purchasing macadamias to buy and consume them more often. Positioning macadamias as healthy by communicating on composition and developing health messaging.


Providing standards and benchmarks helps consumers access a quality product. The WMO supports members of grower countries to maintain sustainable standards and works with members and experts to collate industry data and gather insights to develop strategies and campaigns. Looking for information? You'll find downloadable PDFs with all the data and information about macadamias in the WMO resource section.

Building consumer trust and consistent quality in macadamia products matters. The WMO sets clear benchmarks with product standards that meet customer standards and alignment within the industry.

Industry data and market research are collated into valuable insights. Access industry-specific data and market trends from us at the WMO to make informed decisions and explore new opportunities.

Health and Wellness Research| WMO
Health & Wellness Research

Unsurprisingly, the positive health attributes of macadamias continue to drive consumer demand. So, we conduct macadamia-specific health and wellness research projects. As a result our learnings are current and promotion of research findings is active.

Sustainability| WMO
Building a Sustainability Position

Improving sustainability in the macadamia industry starts with gathering data to enhance understanding in areas where knowledge is lacking. We're proud to showcase the industry's sustainable practices & contribution to long-term, sustainable growth.

Macadamias are unique

Accounting for 1.5% of the world’s tree nuts, macadamias are a unique, nutrient dense wholefood. They are a premium nut that elevate product offerings. Aligning to emerging food trends, macadamias, with their widely enjoyed taste profile and excellent health credentials, are well suited to premium, health-forward brands looking to create a point of difference.

The founding CEO of the WMO is Jillian Laing. With extensive experience in global food marketing, Jillian Laing has worked widely in the snack foods and dairy industries. A seasoned professional across consumers, ingredients and food service, Jillian is a passionate advocate for this exceptional nut.

“Above all, the WMO is here to unite the macadamia-producing countries. It's for the good of the whole industry. Together we share the pure intention of stimulating demand by showcasing how wonderful macadamias truly are.”