There are a lot more macadamias trees in the ground.

The macadamia industry is in a significant growth phase which is forecast to continue. To maintain a balanced market, a significant increase in demand is required.
Collaboration within the industry is essential to make the most of opportunities. The more aligned we can be in approach and communication, the more effective impact will be.

By joining the World Macadamia Organisation, you’re supporting the future of the macadamia industry. We encourage macadamia growing countries to become WMO members, both to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry, and to access other member-only benefits.

Become a WMO member

macadamias trees

If you are a country representative and would like to enquire about membership to the WMO, please reach out using this form.

    The WMO currently represents the following macadamia growing countries: