Future demand for macadamias industry strategy

Future demand for macadamias industry strategy

The global supply of macadamias is on track to double over five years and to continue to grow beyond that.

This growth was the catalyst for bringing the industry together to discuss future demand opportunities and what we collectively should do to help realise these. There were 70 people involved in workshops and a forum session, and we thank each one of them for sharing their insights and perspectives – and through this, contributing to a Future Demand for Macadamias Industry Strategy. If you were not involved in the sessions but would like to have input into the strategy, please get in touch with jillian@worldmacadamia.com.  

Thanks too, to Julian Mellentin for his excellent presentation on how consumer attitudes to food and nutrition are changing. The excellent news is that macadamias are very well aligned to existing and emerging trends, and we stand out as a food that has both strong nutritional credentials and is delicious to eat.

The International Nut & Dried Fruit Congress, held in London this year, provided the perfect environment for many further conversations, connections, and inspiration over its three days.

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