WMO Macadamia forum 2024

Trends expert, Julian Mellentin from New Nutrition Business, shares his invaluable insights on the eight key drivers supporting future macadamia growth. These include consumers seeking naturally functional food; foods to boost mood and wellbeing; the use of social media for accessing nutritional information; the redefinition of some fats as good; carbs and blood sugar management; and macadamia oil as a viable alternative to seed oil. You can view this 20-minute video here:


Julian’s presentation was the opening session of the WMO Macadamia Forum, for which we were pleased to welcome over 60 attendees from the across the industry and around the world. The attendees reviewed current and future demand pictures and were inspired by the category growth learnings from mushrooms, shared by Amy Wood of Curious Plot. The feedback from the session was clear, we need to have long term awareness building activities with a particular focus on the United States. US-based nutritionist, Denise Canellos MS, CNS provided the latest information on why macadamias stand out as an excellent food choice. Julian, Amy and Denise all reinforced the advantages of a sharp nutritional narrative being used consistently across the industry. Macadamia oil is a growth area, and Morgan Roy of Jindilli and Maggi Capen of Pearl Crop participated in a panel discussion on this topic.